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Isle of Lewis

Home of the Lewis Chessmen, inspiration for the Wizard's Chess pieces in the Harry Potter franchise

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The Isle of Lewis is almost a time capsule - there are traces of history everywhere you look. The infamous Callanish standing stones cast the same imposing shadows as they have for the past 5000 years, their beauty is truly astounding. Evidence of Viking settlement can be seen in the remains of ancient mills and kilns, and in the place names, many of which still have the '-bost' suffix to this day. The island also boasts St Columba's Church at Ui; a stunningly well-preserved site that holds Grade 1 ancient monument status. Landscape and wildlife vary hugely between the northern and southern parts of the island, from wildflower machair bursting with colour to rugged sea cliffs that are home to eagles and seabirds. For more information or to plan your holiday, visit Explore Lewis.

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