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& help make tourism work better for everyone

Support island communities

We are a Social Enterprise.

100% of profit from our commission will go back into supporting island businesses and housing projects.

Fill last minute vacancies

We give visitors the option to search across islands, meaning that they might discover a brand new favourite at the last minute - yours!

Give guests a great experience

We will send them tailored emails packed with hints, tips and with local information to make their stay even more special.

Secure payments and damage cover* is offered as standard on all bookings

Sync bookings automatically with Airbnb or other calendars - no need to leave them, you can just add us!

ps. We are run by an island-based team who are just a phone call away.

*Provided by Superhog

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FAQs for Owners

Which Scottish islands do you cover?

All of them! If you own a property on a Scottish island and let it out, you can join isleHoliday!

What are the benefits of isleHoliday?

Your property will be advertised on We take the booking and payment on your behalf. We update your calendar. You get a login to manage your property details, and guests have a guest area where they can manage their booking.

We will be offering visitors the option to search for accommodation across islands, meaning that we will be a great option for visitors looking to find a few nights somewhere new, and it will be ideal for helping fill those last minute vacancies which crop up.

Not only that, but we will be giving your guests relevant information about the places they are visiting, including information about local businesses and services, as well as practical information for their stay.

And lastly, 100% of our profits will go back into island communities to support micro businesses and housing projects.

But wait, there's more!

When you sign up to be listed on isleHoliday, you get: 

  • One-to-one support via email, phone or video call. We know it’s daunting setting up something new, but we’re here to help. 
  • A passionate team who love to talk all things island - we know our Bernerays from our Benbeculas! 
  • Full control of your pricing; unlike Airbnb, our commission is fixed and upfront. No hidden costs, and no price hikes for your guests. 
  • SUPERHOG damage cover.
  • An optional web page and domain name, just for you.
  • You can take bookings directly from your web page.
  • Only £15 per year for the domain name.
  • A Visit Scotland listing if you don’t already have one.
  • Peace of mind knowing that the commission we take will be used to make the islands we love more sustainable and resilient.
  • A great guest experience with our tailored and informative island emails. 
Do I have to leave Airbnb or other booking channels?

No, if you are listed on Airbnb,, Outer Hebrides Tourism or any other site, you can remain listed with them. isleHoliday is an additional option.

What is the commission?

If you are resident in the islands we are charging 10% of the total booking price. We will make it clear on the website that your property is locally owned.

If you are not resident in the islands, but own and rent out property we are charging 12%

If you would like to increase the commission you pay to 15%, we will include you in a featured category showcasing those who are committed to supporting our island communities.

We do not charge a joining fee, nor do we charge a monthly fee.

When you list with other sites such as Airbnb, they charge a service fee – usually around 17% in total. Whilst owners usually pay 3-4% of this, the consumer pays a whopping 14% per cent, which bypasses local economies completely. 

Not only is this elevated cost likely to deter customers from placing a booking, you end up with less overall. 

How does the calendar work?

You will be able to connect your existing calendars to isleHoliday. That means that if you get an Airbnb booking, it will block the date out in isleHoliday, and vice versa.

We will provide a written guide, and a video guide, and if you need a bit more help we are at the end of an email or a phone call!

Does isleHoliday work with Supercontrol?

If you use Supercontrol it is possible to add the isleHoliday calendar feed to your account. We would recommend that you have a chat with us so that we can make sure your settings are right!

How does payment work?

In the same way as other platforms, we take a deposit at the time of booking. It will be 25% of the booking total. It is non-refundable. 60 days prior to the guests’ arrival, we take the balance of the booking total.

When you sign up to isleHoliday we will ask you to set up a Stripe account. Stripe is a fully regulated payment processor based in Ireland. It handles all of our credit card transactions. When you sign up to Stripe it creates an account for you into which we can place funds. You can then connect it to your bank account. We cannot see your bank details.

Within 5 business days of taking a deposit, we will transfer the deposit to your Stripe account, less our commission. We will immediately release it to your bank account. If you as the owner cancel a booking, we will charge your bank account via Stripe for that same amount in order to refund the guest.

We take the balancing payment 60 days before the booking start date. We will transfer that amount to your Stripe account no fewer than 5 business days after receiving it. It will be released to your bank account at the end of the month in which the stay occurred.

So, if I book your house in January, and arrive in March for 7 nights, you will be paid:

  • The deposit less our commission: 5 days or less after the booking is taken (January)
  • The balance: at the end of March

If a booking straddles 2 months, you will be paid at the end of the month in which the booking ended. So, if I arrived at the end of March and stayed until the end of the first week in April, we would pay you for that stay at the end of April.

At all times you will be able to log into your Stripe account and see funds pending (subject to booking completion) or funds in transit to your bank account.

You will also have your own isleHoliday login where you can see all your bookings, edit your listing and keep track of your account statements.

Where does the commission go?

The first 2% of the commission goes to the cost of processing the credit card payment. This is based on the current cost of processing credit cards, and is subject to change.

The remaining commission is used to pay our staff, advertise properties and products and manage the business. After that is done, any remaining surplus is used to give free digital advice to island entrepreneurs and community groups.

Isle Develop CIC is an asset locked company. That means that no individual can profit, or take a dividend. Our Articles of Association have been approved by the CIC Regulator and state that all assets must be handed over to another island community group should the business end.

How to get started

If you already use the company Bookster to manage your Holiday let, you can request to join the isleHoliday channel. You will then be included in searches made on the isleHoliday website and benefit from our traffic. 

If you have your own website or are currently using another service, or both or none, then This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

What is the cancellation policy?

Because of the challenges posed by ferry availability, we know it can be difficult to re-let a property at short notice. Because of that we have chosen to implement a Strict 60 and 30 Day cancellation policy.

Cancellation by the Guest

  • If the guest cancels up to 60 days before their booking, they will lose their 25% deposit.
  • We take the balancing payment 60 days before the date the booking starts. If the guest cancels fewer than 60 days but more than 30 days before the booking start date they will be eligible for a 50% refund only.
  • If the guest cancels fewer than 30 days before the booking they will not be entitled to a refund.

In all instances above, you will be paid the balance at the end of the month in which the booking was cancelled.

Cancellation insurance is not included in the booking fee and we strongly recommend that guests take out holiday cancellation insurance.

If you cancel

In the unlikely event that your property becomes unavailable and you have to cancel the booking, we will endeavour to find the guest suitable alternative accommodation (but cannot guarantee to provide an alternative). 

The guest will be eligible for a 100% refund. The liability for that refund is as follows.

  • You shall be liable for your share of the initial 25% deposit.
  • Isle Develop CIC shall be responsible for refunding the balancing payment if it has been taken.
  • No compensation or consequential losses shall be paid. 

If you cancel more than once in a 6 month period, we reserve the right to charge your connected account or invoice you for our commission on the second cancellation and for all future cancellations.

Covid19 related cancellations

  • If it is illegal for guests to travel at the time of booking they will receive a full refund.
  • If travel is not advised and the Agent or Owner cancels the booking, they will receive a full refund.
  • Outside of these scenarios, our standard terms will apply. 
  • We will accept no liability for any other costs incurred including, but not limited to, ferry tickets, airfares or overnight accommodation whilst enroute.
  • We recommend that all property owners take out their own insurance against cancelled holidays, particularly in the current climate.
Does isleHoliday offer insurance?

We have partnered with Superhog to offer Damage and Liability Guarantees for owners and guests. Superhog provide:

    Protection for all bookings (damage and liability)

    £1 million Property Damage guarantee

    Virtual damage deposit

    £1 million guest liability guarantee

This cover is included as standard – it is covered in our commission - however we recommend that you take independent advice about Holiday Letting Insurance for your property, particularly where you use a number of different booking platforms.

You should also contact your home insurance provider for advice as General Building Insurance is separate, and not part of our offering.

Cancellation insurance is not included in the booking fee and we strongly recommend that guests take out holiday cancellation insurance.