Why list with us?

 Quick and easy sign up with big benefits for you and island communities

Support island communities

We are a Social Enterprise.

100% of profit from our commission will go back into supporting island businesses and housing projects.

Fill last minute vacancies

We give visitors the option to search across islands, meaning that they might discover a brand new favourite at the last minute - yours!

Give guests a great experience

We will send them tailored emails packed with hints, tips and with local information to make their stay even more special.

Sync bookings automatically with Airbnb or other calendars

No need to leave them, you can just add us!

What are the benefits?

Are you an islander relying on rental income from your property, or perhaps you live off-island and inherited a family home or invested in your own holiday home?  

Whatever the circumstances, we've no doubt you love Scotland’s islands as much as we do, and you want to help build resilient communities to flourish for generations to come. 

By letting your property on isleHoliday you’re doing exactly that. Forming a valuable partnership that encourages tourism to be a bigger force for good. 

And here’s the clincher. We don’t charge a service fee so the guest pays less and you get paid more! 

We don’t charge a service fee so the guest pays less and you get paid more! 

We partner with properties on all of Scotland’s islands. 

The good news is it’s easy and stress free to list your property, here’s how:

  • You don't need to leave other booking platforms - you can join us AND stay with your existing platforms, like Airbnb or Booking.com
  • You get a login to access and manage your property details and booking calendar
  • If necessary we’ll provide one-to-one support via email, phone or video call. We know it can be daunting setting up something new, though the process is simple
  • You have full control of your pricing; unlike Airbnb, our commission is fixed and upfront. No hidden costs, and no price hikes for your guests
  • We confirm the booking, update your calendar and settle the payment on your behalf.

What is the commission structure?

  • Island residents pay 10% commission on the total booking price
  • Off-island property owners pay 12% commission on the total booking price

Are there any hidden fees? 

  • No. We don’t charge a joining fee or a monthly fee
  • You can choose to pay 15% commission to appear in our featured category showcasing your support and commitment to island communities. Yay!
  • Locally owned properties will appear on the site as “Let from a local”, encouraging ethical travellers. 

Are there added benefits? Yes, there are: 

  • We will build you an optional web page with a domain name FREE OF CHARGE
  • You can take bookings directly from your web page
  • The cost is only £15 per year for your domain name
  • Your guests are guaranteed a great experience with our support and tailored itineraries
  • You can rest assured knowing the commission will be used to make the islands we love more sustainable and resilient for generations to come
  • We’re only a phone call away.

How are we investing the profit from your booking?

  • 100% of the profit is invested back into Scotland’s islands
  • We create digital jobs for islanders 
  • We offer free digital advice and support to island entrepreneurs and community groups who otherwise could not afford it 
  • Developing their digital skills strengthens their business offering and income, creating prosperous and resilient communities. 

Consider us an ethical alternative booking platform to the large corporations such as Airbnb and Booking.com. We’re a social enterprise based in Tiree, immersed in island life and deeply aware of the challenges and opportunities of our local communities. 

By listing your property with isleHoliday you are creating positive waves of change for generations to come.

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