In the midst of every crisis lies great opportunity.

When the world shut down in 2020 it was a stark realization that many of our local businesses and communities had no online presence. Until then, they had relied and survived on tourists visiting every summer. 

Without tourists they were cut off entirely and without an online presence they were unable to create new income streams. The results were pretty devastating for many. 

Tourism significantly impacts island life. On the one hand, it creates much needed local jobs and encourages investment, while on the other it can lead to a loss of cultural authenticity and damage our fragile ecosystems. 

Our small size, isolation and coastal location makes our people, environment and economies vulnerable. 

So often Scotland’s islands are portrayed as empty wildernesses - the ultimate escape. Images of idyllic white beaches, crystal blue water, majestic mountains and rarely a person in sight. 

Yes, we are incredibly fortunate to offer some of the most spectacular destinations in the world. However, without the island communities there would be no destinations. Tourism needs to work better. 

Being a “destination” needs to work first and foremost for the benefit of island communities. We want to put faces to places and change the narrative from destination first, to community first.

Being a “destination” needs to work first and foremost for the benefit of island communities.

The profit from your isleHoliday booking is helping us drive the change.  We are providing digital jobs and delivering digital training to island entrepreneurs and community groups who could not otherwise afford to access it. 

With a digital presence we’re able to drive new business opportunities and strengthen the success of island economies.  An absolute must in securing our future, as the whole world now exists online.  

‘Being a digital trainee is an amazing opportunity for me to further my knowledge and gives me the work experience that most people wouldn't have an opportunity to do in this field of work, helping me to be able to apply for a job that's in high demand later in life. At the moment I'm learning to write code, review the analytics of Isle Develop socials and making better communication skills for talking to clients’. - Kyle

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