Seilebost Beach Isle of Harris

There’s nowhere quite as magical as Scotland’s islands.  That’s the reason we love them.  

It’s astounding to think there are over 900 islands, and yet somehow they remain some of the  country’s best-kept secrets. Only 118 islands are actually inhabited, the majority are wildlife havens, with magnificent and rugged landscapes.   

There are four island clusters; the archipelagos of Shetland, the Neolithic Orkneys and the Inner and Outer Hebrides. Shaped by millenia of wind and waves, they’re famous for their wild weather-beaten mystical settings with an undeniable Celtic culture at their heart. Spectacular prehistoric sites and beaches that rival those of the Maldives.  What’s not to love? 

There are so many secrets waiting to be discovered in the islands, none quite so as the people and their communities. The heritage and history of island communities is at the heart of their being. You’ll discover what makes each island unique. Our ethos is community first, destination second. Without the community there would be no destination. 

We share the islands ‘best kept secrets’ with our ethical travellers. Secrets known only by the islanders. In doing so our communities benefit as much as travellers who enjoy the unique experiences we curate for them. 

We’re continually working with our property partners to grow the number of islands we represent on isleHoliday. Explore our selection of island properties and let us know which one you’re going to visit next.  

Will it be Mull’s brightly coloured houses and fresh seafood, with a visit to the sacred Isle of Iona? Or do you want to discover the prehistoric standing stones of Callanish in Lewis and the spectacular beaches of Harris. If you’re a watersports enthusiast check out Tiree, the Hawaii of the North.  Or if Vikings are your subject of special interest Shetland and Orkney are a must. 

There are so many incredible options, we look forward to welcoming you. 

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