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Isle of Lewis

Home of the Lewis Chessmen, the 12th-century chess pieces and wizard’s chess set in Harry Potter


A visit to Lewis is like travelling back in time, with historical wonders and traces of history in every direction you look.

Black House Village - Emma Clark

Evidence of Viking settlements can be seen in the remains of ancient mills and kilns, as well as place names that still bear the '-bost' suffix to this day.

The island has been inhabited for millennia and lots of Scottish clans consider it their ancestral home. Located in the Outer Hebrides it’s bordering neighbour is Harris, though they’re often referred to as separate entities. Lewis is low-lying and contrasts perfectly with the rugged and more mountainous Harris in the south.

Revered for its mystical Callanish Standing Stones; a prehistoric stone circle that’s stood for over 5,000 years, even older than Stonehenge. The precise alignment of these ancient monoliths always leaves visitors contemplating their purpose and significance.

Evidence of Viking settlements can be seen in the remains of ancient mills and kilns, as well as place names that still bear the '-bost' suffix to this day.

Expect to see thriving island communities and make sure you visit the Blackhouse Village in Gearrannan, providing a real-life glimpse into the farming system known as crofting. You’ll still hear Gaelic spoken in the streets of Stornoway, the island’s main town. 

The island’s craggy coastline is perfectly picturesque with sparkling white sandy beaches and impressive peat plateaus, ideal for hiking. A visit to the Butt of Lewis will leave you in awe, as will Uig Bay.

We recommend a visit to:

  • Callanish Standing Stones: for all the reasons mentioned above.
  • St Columba’s Church: A magnificent well-preserved site that holds Grade 1 ancient monument status.
  • Carloway Broch: An Iron Age structure depicting island life over 2000 years ago.
  • Lews Castle Museum: Learn how the islanders' lives were shaped by the land and the sea.
  • The Isle Of Lewis Sports Centre: Utilized by both the school and the public, this sports centre is well-equipped with various facilities and activities to keep you entertained.
  • Isle of Lewis Golf Course: Located in Stornoway, the Isle of Lewis boasts its own well-designed and meticulously maintained 18-hole golf course. The course offers breathtaking views of Stornoway Harbour.
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For more information or to plan your holiday, visit Explore Lewis.

Deer in the Isle of Lewis

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