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Shetland Islands

There's how many?!


Did you know that when we talk about Shetland, we're talking about a group of more than 100 islands?

Among them, the Isle of Unst is the northernmost of the inhabited British isles. We're not the first to talk about Shetland either - the islands have a well-documented history of Viking settlement, traces of which can still be seen in the local dialect and place names today.

Physical monuments of this cultural heritage are also dotted about the landscape; you can download a Viking trail leaflet from Shetland Heritage to plan your trip.

Of course, no Viking-themed visit would be complete without a trip to the annual Up Helly Aa festival where guizers come together to re-enact the Norse sagas through costume and music. For more information, follow the link here to the Visit Shetland website and take a look at their 'inspiration' page - the perfect way to plan your visit! 

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